Ultimate Preparedness Library Review

Ultimate Preparedness Library … Right, first things first. My aim is to help you decide whether or not you need it added to your possessions. Right, time for a matter-of-fact admission – I haven’t in actual fact used or bought the product (read my About page for an explanation), but I have trawled the internet looking for info on it, to save you time. For real customer reviews see the ‘Customer Reviews’ section to the right. So get ready as I save you time and tell you all you need to know about Ultimate Preparedness Library.

What does it do?

You don’t even need to click through to the product’s website, I have summarised what they say about themselves here:

A comprehensive collection of resources for emergency preparedness, homesteading, & living a self reliant lifestyle

  • A Rogue Attack in your town, city, or region that may take down the power grid, water utilities and transportation.
  • A Personal Emergency that wipes out your income stream and forces you to make due with your skills and knowledge.
  • Organized Gangs and Criminals who will want nothing more than to take your supplies, or worse yet, your life.
  • Learn the nessesary skills and knowledge that will enable you to be less dependent on modern-day technologies
  • Become more self-sufficient by producing your own food and maintaining your own land
  • Thrive during a situation that threatens the stability of the world as we know it
  • Know how to deal with an economic collapse or hyperinflation
  • Learn a craft(s) that can be used to trade/barter
  • Survive a nuclear, chemical or biological fallout
  • Respond to localized or regionalized emergencies

Is anyone actually buying it?

Here I can provide you with some hard facts. Again, the payment processor provides us with something they call the product’s “Gravity”. It’s an indication of a product’s sales rank. I’ve taken this amount and produced a rating out of 100. Products with a high rating are popular. Ultimate Preparedness Library scores 71.21/100 which is about standard.

Your buying options

Hopefully by now you’ve read through the summary of what the product’s about. You’ve read the user reviews on the right hand side of the page. Perhaps you’ve decided you might like to buy the product. So what next?

Option 1: Buy Direct

You click on the following link to http://ultimatepreparednesslibrary.com/, and find their link to buy the product. From there you’ll be linked through to the payment processor page and you can pay using a credit/debit card or PayPal. As of the time of writing the standard price for the product was $37.

Option 2: Buy Through Me

If you click this link: ultimatepreparednesslibrary.com you’ll also be taken through to ultimatepreparednesslibrary.com, where you can buy the product in the same way as option 1. However, because you arrived at the site via a special link, I get the credit for sending over a potential buyer. If you do buy, I will be given a commission. There’s no difference in the cost to you. You might like to go for this option if:
  • You feel my site has helped you and you’d like to say thanks.
  • You want to be eligible for a purchase bonus (see below)

The purchase bonus

If you decide to go with Option 2, then you qualify for a bonus. This is my way of thanking you for using my link. Click here to read all about the bonus and how to claim it.